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2nd Amendment Situational Awareness Report 2017

It’s the beginning of a new year, but more importantly, for this country and the world, a new era. With President-Elect Donald Trump being sworn in on January 20th, we celebrate the long-awaited change, REAL change that we hope will usher in brighter days for our beloved country. With the freedom first, gun rights friendly agenda of this new administration, we have united as a nation and won a major battle for our freedoms, specifically our 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, as much as we preach about situational awareness and the benefit of our custom holsters, we would be irresponsible gun rights proponents if we did not advise you of the still lurking dangers this previous administration has left in its wake.  After eight years of inconceivable and reprehensible policies on border security and homeland security, we may have won a major battle for our rights but the war still rages on.

Danger Still Abounds

Our borders are more porous now than they have ever been. Our rise in undocumented immigrants and crimes is a clear indicator of the problems we face. The real danger here isn’t workers illegally entering our country to support their families, as it is selective enforcement of our existing immigration laws which allows criminals and our enemies to filter into our country. Our laws must be enforced or legally amended. Criminals and terrorists for far too many years have taken advantage of our weak southern border to infiltrate, sow the seeds of dissention and carry out or plan attacks on the American people. Now is not the time for us to relax our responsibilities to protect our families and ourselves.  We must constantly be aware that the months and weeks ahead of us present what may be the best time for criminals and our enemies to act because of the changing philosophies from one president to another. 

Our Agenda Is Freedom

Many detractors will accuse us of pushing an agenda of fear just to sell more of our custom holsters. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. We are Americans first, entrepreneurs second. We would have no marketplace for our leather gun holsters if it weren’t for the freedoms of our constitution and the need of fellow citizens to protect their loved ones. Furthermore, we wouldn’t need our guns and holsters if there were no dangers. So let us be very clear when we say BE ON ALERT. You must be mentally and physically prepared to face the clear and present dangers facing our great nation and the sovereignty of our rights. This is not a call for action, It is a call for preparation.

 Arm Your Mind and Your Holster

Situational awareness is more than just a physical presence or skills; it is a state of mind. For example, when you walk into a restaurant, are you carrying? Are you immediately scanning the people in the room and noting emergency exits? You should be. As recent news events show, we live in a very unstable world. What good is spending good money on our Tucker custom holsters if you are never going to carry? You must always truly know your limitations, be prepared for dangers you may encounter and have the ability to protect yourself and family from imminent danger.

 Freedom Must Be Protected, Are You Prepared?

Freedom isn’t free! It has been bought and paid in full for centuries by the brave men and women of the U.S. Military. Next time you see a member or former member of our military thank them for providing and maintaining your freedom. As U.S. Citizens we have a major roll in maintaining that freedom that is so precious to us. We must realistically educate ourselves to be good citizens and not sheep. With proper training we can prepare ourselves to face potential civilian perils.  We can live the American life while remaining vigilant and paying attention to our physical surroundings. Consider whether we are being lulled to sleep by gun control proponents propaganda or do we educate and prepare ourselves to protect our right in the potential battles which may be ahead? Are we improving our marksmanship, our ability to defend ourselves? We are Americans FIRST; all creeds, colors, and classes, we all have a responsibility to make America great again and we can do that by educating ourselves and loved ones about protecting and fostering Freedom. Basically, freedom gives us the right to do what we legally want to do providing our actions do not interfere with other Americans doing what they legally want to do.


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