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3 Reasons Texas Rangers Depend on Locked & Loaded

Locked and Loaded’s Tucker Leather products have been the choice of dozens of Texas Rangers. Pictured above is one of our custom made "Ranger" rigs. One of the most well-known Rangers that has worn one of our gun rigs is Sgt. Andrew “Drew” Carter. It was Carter who was responsible for the arrest of a man on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. Carter helped bring Rafael Resendez-Ramirez, known as the “Railway Killer,” to justice. Over a span of two years, this serial killer bludgeoned at least 8 victims near railroad tracks. At the time of the arrest, Carter was wearing one of our handmade gun rigs, featuring a gun holster, gun belt, and double magazine pouch. There is a reason that Carter and other Texas Rangers rely on Locked and Loaded’s products. Here’s why.


Many gun holsters on the market will work in that they will house your gun. L&L takes it several steps forward to make sure that Rangers and our other customers get the maximum amount of functionality out of our products. We strive to craft the perfect gun holster like when we pioneered the very first hybrid holster. “The Answer” was the first holster to marry leather and Kydex together. The result was a durable, comfortable and quick on the draw holster that’s perfect for concealment. When designing our products, we consider ride height, cant angle, pistol retention, comfort, durability, concealment, appearance and much more. Texas Rangers rely on L&L because our products are highly functional.


Our leather holsters and products are not only functional, but they are all made under rigorous quality standards. Each of our products are handmade using only the highest quality products. For example, all of our products are made from Grade “A” Hermann Oak Leather. This means that it has the least amount of blemishes possible and is known for its moldability, carving detail, and shape retention. We have a variety of OWB and IWB styles to choose from as well as complete gun rig systems. Considering the style and quality of our products, one thing is certain; they’ll look good on any Texas Ranger.


While our high-quality products are top-notch, perhaps what attracts Texas Rangers and other servicemen the most is our whole-hearted support. We proudly stand behind those who serve our country and have done so throughout the existence of this company. Just this month (July 2016), we ran a campaign in which 15% of our sales were donated to the Assist the Officer Foundation in Dallas, TX in response to the tragic shootings that took place. In the past, we have always supported servicemen, and we will continue to do so in the future.

If you are a Texas Ranger, servicemen, or gun enthusiast looking for a high-quality gun holster or rig, contact us, and we’ll help you find the right rig for your needs.


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