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5 Must Have 9mm Handguns

The 9mm handgun is the most popular caliber handgun in the world. Heavily used by military and law enforcement worldwide, it is also the best selling caliber in the US for over a decade. Commonly referred to as “9mm Luger” or “9×19,” it is great for self-defense, tactical operations, or competitive shooting. It is also very easy to conceal and has a great balance of a small footprint while still packing a punch. We have compiled a list of the top five 9mm handguns on the market. As always we would like to advise, that the best handgun is the one YOU feel most comfortable and confident with. That being said let’s go down the list.

GLOCK 17 GEN 4 (PRICE: $570 – $600)

What can we say? The name Glock says it all. We love this handgun because of its simplicity, it’s durability and accuracy. Glock is renowned and respected worldwide by militaries and police forces all over. Their new Gen 4 sidearm adds a dual coil spring reducing recoil and an ambidextrous magazine release. Also featured is adjustable backstrap if needed. This gun just performs, no matter what junk ammo you throw at it, it is reliable.

FN HERSTAL FNX-9 (PRICE: $470 – $500)

The FNX-9 was engineered to be lightweight and have a long life cycle. If you are a dedicated handgun enthusiast then you know the ergonomics of an FN handgun are second to none. Felt recoil is reduced greatly as a result of the low frame’s bore axis. FN makes some of the most accurate weapons on the market.

BERETTA 92FS (PRICE: $560 – $600)

Nearly synonymous with the term 9mm, Beretta has consistently made some of the most popular 9mm handguns in the world. The performance of the Beretta 92FS does not tarnish that popularity one bit. This handgun is so popular it is the official service pistol of the US Military. It’s fast cycle time is one of its key selling points.

SPRINGFIELD XD M 4.5” (PRICE: $570 – $610)

Springfield Armory’s XD line of handguns is known for their innovative grip safety and their performance. While the handgrip safety might not appeal to Glock enthusiasts, the other most popular polymer 9mm; it does give the Glock a run for its Austrian money. The XD boasts high accuracy and very smooth ergonomics and handling. The stock model also includes a match grade barrel and interchangeable backstraps.

WALTHER PPQ ($530 – $580)

The Walther PPQ is truly a revolutionary defense handgun. It’s ergonomics shine due to it’s sculpted grip, and the polymer the trigger is made out of is top of the line quality. Couple that with incredibly detailed styling and this is a pistol that not only shoots deadly accurate; but also has looks that could kill.


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