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What's the Best Holster for Concealed Carry?

Once you have obtained a CHL and have a chosen a concealed carry weapon, the next thing you will need is a quality concealed carry holster. Many new and veteran carriers alike ask the question, “What’s the best holster for concealed carry?” There is no definite answer for this question. The best holster for you will depend on what you need from a holster and your preferences. Some may prefer certain materials and styles over others. Other than your personal preferences, there are certain things that everyone should take into consideration when choosing a holster. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.


When searching for the best holster for concealed carry, one of the most important factors should be how well it can be concealed. You do not want a holster that will be obvious to any attackers. While inside the waistband holsters usually work better for concealed carry purposes, there are a number of outside the waistband holsters that can also get the job done. The key is to pick a holster that doesn’t give itself away when worn on your torso.


A holster can hardly be called the best holster for concealed carry if it is not comfortable. You don’t want a holster that will irritate your skin in hot temperatures or when you are moving around a lot. The comfort of a holster depends on its design and the materials that it has been crafted from. A popular choice is "The Answer" holster that features a smooth leather backing and conforms nicely to the wearer’s body. Many manufacturers claim that there holsters are comfortable. Try them out and determine what feels best for you.


The best holster for concealed carry should also have excellent drawing capabilities. You should be able to get a good grip on your handgun as well release any retention devices in a quick manner. After all, you may have to confront an attacker, and you will need to react as fast as possible. Carriers should also consider the volume level of the draw. Holsters made out of certain materials are known to produce a noticeable sound when a handgun is drawn, which is detrimental to the subtlety that is required in many situations. Leather lining can solve this noise issue.


On your hunt for the best concealed carry holster, you will also want to consider the materials used and the workmanship. Kydex and leather are the most commonly used holster materials, but not all kydex and leather are created equal. You will, no doubt, also encounter many low priced holsters. The difference is in the workmanship. Many cheaper holsters simply attempt to imitate higher quality handmade holsters. It’s better to invest in a higher quality holster that will last for years to come rather than a cheaper alternative that will have to be replaced more frequently.

Largely, the best concealed carry holster for you will depend on your needs. Whichever holster you decide on, make sure that it is concealable, comfortable, easy to draw, and made with high quality workmanship and materials.


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