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When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your own life, concealed carry isn’t just a topic of debate; it’s a way of life.  If you are 2nd amendment defenders like us, you are picky about everything from the materials you clean your gun with, to the holster you use. Holsters typically are made from polymer, nylon fabric or leather. Naturally, we feel that leather gun holsters provide the most durability and grip for your concealed carry sidearm. The question many Houston gun owners ponder is what type of leather gun holsters are best for carrying? This question all depends on the position in which you prefer to draw from. There is a holster for just about every position, but let’s take a look at a few you can bet your life on.


When it comes to leather gun holsters; the strong side hip variant is the most popular and well-known holster. The strong side refers to the fact that the weapon is holstered on the shooting side hip for a quick straight draw. Within this family of holsters, there are several types of holster mounts such as belt slide and inside the waistband (IWB) and outside the waistband (OWB). Each kind has the same strengths: pistol retention, fast presentation, and safe and speedy draw. The only limitation on these types of holsters is in concealed carry only states, you must wear them underneath a jacket or at least a loose untucked shirt.


Shoulder holsters are popular with law enforcement and special units such as SWAT due to providing the most natural draw position. Leather gun holsters of this nature also tend to be a bit more flexible and comfortable for everyday wear. The sidearm is suspended from a shoulder worn harness that wraps around your back between your shoulders. While there are different positions the sidearm can be suspended, they all offer great concealment for small revolvers and semi-auto pistols. This type of holster is also preferred for carrying larger barrel pistols but truly shine when concealing short pistols. The one drawback is when presenting your firearm it will often swing out wide so make sure you practice presenting your weapon as not to have an unsafe draw should a situation arise.


Leather gun holsters of this nature present a good level of concealment and access while in the seated position. Retention is decent and they fit your pistol snugly. The pistol is holstered butt facing forward on the opposite hip of your shooting side. If you are a larger person however, cross draw is likely not the holster for you due to where you’d have to position  your pistol to reach it.


Just about every conceal carry license holder owns one of these leather gun holsters. It is the perfect holster for an all-purpose  self-defense pocket pistol like the Ruger LCP. We make the best pocket holster in the business and sell through them as fast as we can make them. The reason is because many begin carrying a large pistol and over time realize for everyday carry a pocket pistol will do the job. A pocket pistol is usually a pistol no bigger than the palm of your hand, and very lightweight.  Even though they are usually thin with rounded edges, they still have a tendency to print if not holstered. For this reason alone is why a pocket holster so valuable.

When choosing the best leather gun holsters for you, skip all the searching and just contact Locked and Loaded and we can match you with the perfect leather gun holsters for all your concealed carry needs.


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