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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Gun Owners

So your friend or relative is a gun owner and you are wondering what gift to get them this year. Don’t worry. We here at Locked & Loaded have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 5 gift ideas that we think are sure to put a smile on the face of the gun owner in your life. Check it out below!

Gun Cleaning Kit

Firearms are for protecting yourself and your family. Gun cleaning kits are for protecting your firearm. Thus, every gun owner would appreciate a quality gun cleaning kit. Gun cleaning kits are usually universal meaning that they can work for a wide variety of firearms including handguns, shotguns, and rifles. If the gun owner you are shopping for is always out in the field, there are compact kits specifically designed for use on the go. Your best bet in selecting a quality gun cleaning kit is to ask the sales people at gun shops or sporting goods stores. More often than not, they are up to date on the latest gun accessories.


Trust us, every enthusiastic gun owner will burn through ammo at a rapid pace, whether it be practicing at the range or just having fun. Buy a few rounds of ammo for the gun owner in your life and you will become their favorite in no time.

Purchasing ammo can be a little tricky as there are tons of ammos types and calibers on the market. If you are unsure of what type of firearm your gun owner friend owns, simply ask them. They would love to spend all day talking to you about it, and you can mask your gift-giving intentions with simple interest in the topic.


We are talking about different things to buy that gun owner in your life, but really any gun owner can’t get enough of any type of gun accessory. That being said, at the top of the list is a good, quality holster. Again, if you are unsure of what type of gun the gun owner carries, you will need to find out as holsters are designed to fit specific gun models. As with all gun accessories, there are many holsters on the market. A word of caution here is don’t go cheap. You get what you pay for when it comes to holsters. It will probably be cheaper to purchase the right quality holster from the beginning. Customers often purchase an in-expensive holster, attempting to sacrifice quality while hoping to maintain functionality and longevity. In the real world, that doesn’t work. They end up educating themselves by buying one or two cheap holsters, and then upgrading to us for the one they really wanted at first. A few things to consider when buying a holster are concealability, comfort, material, craftsmanship, and how it feels when drawing your weapon.

Here is one thing we can say; you can’t go wrong with a holster from Locked & Loaded. Each of our holsters is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen from the highest quality materials available. All leather goods are treated with our proprietary, in-house developed leather treatment which helps provide many years of service. Our products are made to meet our high quality standards but to your specifications. 

Electronic Ear Muffs

Does your gun owner friend often go to the range? They will definitely appreciate electronic ear muffs. Ear protection is a must for shooters because of the dangerous decibel levels that firearms can produce. Regular muffs work well enough to protect the ears, but electronic ear muffs are far more convenient. Using microphones, speakers, and filtering technology, electronic ear muffs allow low volume noises like voices to transmit into the headset while cutting out high decibel sounds.

Range Bag

While range bags are built to last long, maybe you’ve noticed that your friend or relative’s range bag has lasted a little too long. It’s time for a new range bag, and it makes the perfect holiday gift. While different types of bags and backpacks can fulfill the function of a range bag, you will definitely want to go for the dedicated, purpose-made range bag. These dedicated bags feature tough construction and are capable of carrying all the essential items for range use.

That wraps up our list for top 5 gift ideas for gun owners. To all the gun owners out there, share with us what you would like to see underneath the Christmas tree this year!


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