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Why A CHL Makes Sense

The 2nd amendment right to bear arms is a hot button topic these days as even presidential candidates are voicing strong stances on both sides of the argument. Given that you are reading this blog we already assume you are a proponent of our constitutional right to bear arms. What we want to impress upon you is, why a concealed handgun license is important and why you should have one. Naturally these our own opinions and perspectives but we think they make a lot of sense.


When asked in most CHL classes, why an applicant wishes to get a CHL, the answers tend to have a common factor. See if you can see a trend here:

"I was robbed at knifepoint/gunpoint late one evening and I decided from now on I wanted to be able to have protection on me at all times."

"I live in a high crime neighborhood and fear for my safety when coming home at night from work."

"I own my own business and have been broken into before and want to make sure I can protect myself next time it happens."

The handgun has long been called a "peacemaker" because it does level the field in a violent or criminal attack. It essentially forces peace by threatening serious harm if peace is disturbed. The reality of the modern world and your average CHL holder is, people don't feel safe. It is a sad state of affairs but it is the truth and people want to empower themselves. It is a very rare occurrence that a person would have to use their handgun to defend themselves but it is nice to have that security of having protection just in case.


A CHL also allows you to be a solution to a real problem rather than a victim. Should you be attacked by someone wielding a knife for example; you would be able to defend yourself and not allow yourself to be victimized. What you must realize is that a criminal respects no law, therefore they can easily have access to a gun and have the willingness to kill or seriously hurt someone. Over the years many mass shootings have happened at locales where gun laws prohibit carrying at all, or some establishments reserve that right to deny you entry if armed. There is a real simple reason for this, the criminals take the path of least resistance and don't want a fight back. By obtaining your CHL and carrying on a regular basis, you are creating an element of surprise that will always give you an upper hand should you need to ever draw down on someone. It is our God given right to be responsible for ourselves including our own defense and personal safety. When we exercise these rights we are making our country a much safer one.


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