Advantages of Vegetable Tanned vs Chrome Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is the only type of leather that we use for making our holsters. Why when it takes longer and cost a little more for this type of leather? The answer is really simple but you must understand the tanning process. Each process is virtually the same except for the tanning agent. Chrome tanning uses a chemical which produces salts and must be flushed out completely. This is not possible. There's always some that is left. If a gun is left in the holster for extended periods of time the salts may leach out and detrimentally affect your guns finish. Vegetable tanning of leather is accomplished by using the bark of trees as the tanning agent. This process does not produce salts but it does take longer to achieve the proper tanning. Nothing But Quality!

Roughout or Smoothout:

This determines which side of the leather faces the outside of the holsters. Roughout adds some extra grip to hold the holster in place but most people like it because it helps to "wick away" sweat during the hot summer months. Sweat tends to cause the smoothout side to stick to your skin which can lead to an irritation. However the Smootout tends to make it easier to get the holster on and off. Nothing But Quality!

Leather Lining:

Adds a thinner piece of leather to the inside of the holster with the smooth side facing your weapon. This helps to protect the finish on your weapon by reducing the chance of dirt and grit from getting embedded on inside of your holster. Nothing But Quality!

Sweat Tab:

The Sweat Tab is the small piece of leather located at the top of the holster. It is designed to create a barrier between you and the upper-most part of your gun. It is mostly intended for comfort. The Sweat Tab will be replaced with a Thumb Break should you decide to order one. Nothing But Quality.

How to correctly measure your belt length.

To determine your correct belt length. You must measure your current belt. We use a special sizing belt but you can measure the distance from were the belt buckle prong (the pin that fits into the belt hole) intersects with the cross bar of your current belt buckle frame to the belt hole that the prong is engaged with when your current belt is being worn comfortably. We use the dimension you provided to correctly make your belt. When you first put your belt on it should make up in the middle hole thus providing you to use IWB holsters or to gain or loose weight.

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