Gun Belt


Product Overview

Gun Belt By Tucker Leather

Our heavy-duty gun belt is made from two layers of Herman Oak Cowhide. Available in either 1/4 " or 3/16 " thickness. Either is enough to support what ever you may wish to carry. There simply is no other leather gun belt made in America that is of higher quality than ours.

Made in Texas from Herman Oak Leather.

How to correctly measure your belt length.

To determine your correct belt length. You must measure your current belt. Measure the distance from were the belt buckle prong (the pin that fits into the belt hole) intersects with the cross bar of your current belt buckle frame to the belt hole that the prong is engaged with when your current belt is being worn comfortably.

Please pay close attention to this measurement instruction. Follow it precisely or contact us to ask questions! A $30 restocking fee will be charged for return belts which the belt length is incorrectly ordered. However, you may make changes to the belt length  without incurring additional fees provided that your request is received and accepted prior to the start of the manufacture of your belt.

Hand crafted in Texas from Herman Oak Leather by our highly skilled craftsmen.