HF-1 for 1911 3 Inch w/Thumb break

Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days.

HF-1 Holster w/"Cocked and Locked" Thumb Break

Gun: 1911 3" / Kimber Ultra 3"

Color: Black cherry

Thread color: White

Carry side: Right

Tooling/Stamping: Swirl Cut

Belt width: 1-1/2"

Concho: Gold star with gold rope

Leather lining: Yes (for better wear and maintenance)

This HF-1 is one currently in stock. If it's configuration is appealing but you would like it different please view our standard HF-1 holster and specify it exactly as you want it. If the option you desire isn't listed, please contact us and we will build it to your specifications.