Solution - LLKKBL


Product Overview

The LLKKBL SOLUTION is of the highest quality, low cost small footprint IWB and OWB all Kydex holster.


Other SOLUTION models are available with or without leather lining. SOLUTION model LLKKB is an all Kydex front & back IWB and OWB holster. SOLUTION model LLKLBL with leather lined Kydex front with 10oz leather back for maximum comfort. The 10oz leather back also has suede attached to skin contact surface. The suede is a value added feature which you will fully appreciate in the hot summer months. All SOLUTION models provide outstanding retention with rigid 3/32" thick Kydex shell. Models with leather lining help preserve the finish of your weapon and provides a smooth draw of your weapon. Solution's models include belt clips for OWB or IWB carry in one comfortable quality holster.