The Answer


Product Overview

Our IWB holster "The Answer" was the original hybrid style holster on the market. It has been copied by many, equaled by none. It has a rigidly mounted and adjustable precision formed Kydex shell attached to a specially treated leather body with suede sewn on the back contact areas.

“The Answer” IWB holster is famous for its comfort, concealment, easily adjustable ride height and can’t angle, pistol retention, longevity and speed of draw. It is the original hybrid holster. “The Answer” has been copied by many but equaled by none.

The "The Answer” holster is available with a precision formed Kydex shell or with a precision formed Kydex shell with smooth leather lining that is bonded and sewn to the Kydex. This smooth leather lining will help reduce holster wear, thus helping you preserve your pistol’s finish for a longer period of time. Several vendors have copied our "The Answer” and are selling them at a cheap price by compromising quality. The leather lined Kydex is but one of the value-added processes that we perform which makes our holsters far superior to others.

The form of “The Answer” makes it very comfortable to wear. However, we did not stop there. We added a suede lining to the back of the answer to cover up metal fasteners which are a point of irritation. Customers who have used “The Answer” have stated that the suede lining is truly a value-added feature, especially during those hot summer days.

This holster is the highest quality IWB holster available. The features of this holster are manufactured to the highest standards of the holster industry by highly-skilled craftsmen using the best materials available.

Hand crafted in Texas from Hermann Oak Leather by highly-skilled craftsmen.